My Books

What do children’s books have to do with the content of my posts? Nothing, but I figure I haven’t got enough on this site yet to ask for donations, and this way you can help me out and get something real good for your kids (nieces, nephews, students, cousins, etc.) in the bargain.



My first book is The Letter Thief, published in April, 2015. Here is a sample spread from that book:   So far all the reviews have been five star. You can get it here at Amazon.


My second book came out just this fall. It has all the crazy rhyming like in The Letter Thief, and lots more cackle-inducing goofiness. Here is the cover page for Would you Rather smell my Socks.

It is available here at Amazon.



My first coloring book, The Story of Humpty and Dumpty, illustrated by Anastasia Bielik. Get it here on Amazon.




The fun continues in the WYR series, with volume 2, Would you Rather Walk your Dog in Heaven? Jim Steck is brilliant again with the illustrations. Amazon link here.

All books are also available at Amazon UK and all other international Amazon sites.    If you decide to buy one of my books, I thank you very much. And an honest review on Amazon would be much appreciated! Us self-publishers need all the PR we can get! Fight the power, baby!