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Stand down?

What’s with the stand-down orders at liberal-leaning cities across the country?


AG Session, investigate any collusion by local law enforcement with Antifa thugs! Investigate who is giving the stand-down orders and who is getting paid off. Uphold the first amendment and prosecute those police departments who are thwarting it by denying freedom of assembly and speech by siding with the communist street thugs! (anti-fascim indeed. Who are the brown-shirt thugs here??)



America the Free


Facebook Zucks.

Edited (fake quote is mine) Original photo by TNS Sofres on Flickr through CC attribution license.


I put this up on Twitter with the hashtag #FacebookZucks. I wonder if it’s been used before. May it go viral.

The FSB medallion

Tired of hearing politicians, professors, students and media types trot out the tired old, “Well, free speech is well and good, but bla bla bla….” I decided to create the FSB award. Here are the medals themselves and yesterday’s post explains what to do with it.    First, my rough sketch.   Then I asked a couple artists on fiverr to give me their renditions.   The first was pretty good, but way too gross.     The next was better.   with a little color and touch up, I’ll have a FSB ready-made for anybody to give out. (My sons will be sad I don’t go for the brown gross-out version.) 


1/3/’15 update: the final version of the medal has been minted, and it’s gold. 



Announcing the FREE SPEECH BUTT award. 


Who is eligible to receive the FSB? Simple! Anybody who makes an ass out of themselves by simultaneously declaring their support of free speech as well as their opposition to it in the same breath. The most recognizable form of this contradiction goes like this: “I believe in free speech, but ____________.” (insert any right, rule, privilege, custom, preference, behavior, etc. that supposedly trumps free speech).   Who awards the FSB? Again, simple! Anybody who supports free speech without caveats that undermine that support.   How is the FSB awarded? You may copy and deliver the FSB medallion image digitally or post it on a webpage, forum, newsfeed, timeline, comment section, etc.   You may print the image, and send it in the mail, or post it somewhere in public.   That’s all. Now get moving, free speech lovers! We may not have this right much longer and recipient number 2 awaits!           Announcing Recipient No. 1 of the FREE SPEECH BUTT award.  


Howard Dean

December 5, 2015: “Free speech is good. Respecting others is better.”