Taki’s Magazine

Taki’s Magazine has been added to the links section.

I look forward to every day’s latest takimag article. The regular stable of writers are top notch. And even the dud articles are fun to go to as you can expect some lively banter in the comment section and entertaining (and biting) criticism of unpopular pieces. 

I like to collect quotes from the comment section. 


Here’s a recent sample:


Societies succeed because they've built up, usually over centuries, a widely accepted and practiced set of behaviors; social capital built up of predictable actions and attitudes and beliefs. The core of the culture.
Immigrants; who do not have that ingrained culture are likely to be destructive of social capital and destructive to the host society. 
Despite the gibberish of the lunatic left most people recognize this and quite rightly reject the attempt to destroy their society in pursuit of a crazed political fantasy.
Regardless of this rejection the fantasy continues to be foisted upon the people.  
 (almost everyone on Taki posts anonymously, otherwise I’d cite the details of the article and the poster. As it is, I don’t know if they’d even want their online handle revealed.)

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