The Knights of Charlemagne

Click image for the full effect!               Here’s a smaller one with my webpage on it:  



  1. Congratulations on nailing it perfectly with the Order of Darkness & Knights of Charlemagne. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

    One possible nitpick: shouldn’t you have something for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain expelling the Muslims from Iberia in 1609?

    Anyway, bravo, enjoyed this and sharing it!

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      1. The Expulsion of the Moriscos (Spanish: Expulsión de los moriscos, Catalan: Expulsió dels moriscos) was decreed by King Philip III of Spain on April 9, 1609 (Wiki)

        I know Wiki is a painfully Progtarded place but we can count on them for basic history.

        The truth is, we are both right. Around 1492, the glorious Spaniards expelled a Jew-ton of Jews from Iberia. By 1609, they had officially declared Jews expelled and non-citizens of the society.

        The 15th century is a turbulent and fascinating story in Iberia. This is the Golden Age of Spain, and the Golden Age of Spanish artists such as El Greco and Velasquez. Spain was literally conquering a New World.


        The REAL expulsion of all Semitics from Iberia was by 1609.

        PS. Is the Osprey as much of a disaster as I’ve read it is?

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  2. Hi Anton.
    The impediments are just the usual stuff: kids, work, long commute, busy time of year, etc. I have many ideas for the blog sitting on the back burner. If I were a good artist I’d have so much more up already. Maybe I’ll pair up with a cartoonist and really get this thing rolling. In any case, there’s more on the way and hearing from you encourages me to get busy.


      1. Thanks for the compliment and glad to hear you’ve got stuff cooking on the backburner.

        Note: I just got this in my inbox today (the 19th!)–you wrote on the 7th. Apparently WordPress’ delivery system is a POS. Good to know.


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